Why Bhakti Yoga? Why Now???


Dear Students at the University of Virginia:

With school starting, you are beginning a new chapter in your life. And here at the university Mr. Jefferson built, there are hundreds of courses and organizations to provide you with the information you’ll need to get a good job or start a career. But, incredibly, there are few courses, if any, which help you understand who/what you are. So one might ask, “Where’s the ‘higher’ in higher education?” Shouldn’t these years also be spent cultivating a deeper understanding of life and learning how to mold an existence of meaning and purpose—maximizing our full potential?

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Eat, Love, Pray


Each year of life brings opportunities to start fresh and do things better. Here are 3 simple bhakti practices that are worth considering – EAT, PRAY, LOVE. They are so simple that we might miss them, yet so profound that we would be foolish to do … [Continue reading]

One Song in the Key of Life


Sometimes when people begin practicing Bhakti Yoga, they think that by putting their hearts and energy into yoga, they will have to give up too much. They worry that those things they love and that give them pleasure might have to be abandoned. … [Continue reading]

A Journey Worth Taking


BOOK REVIEW The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami by His Holiness Radhanath Swami Every spiritual seeker who has found their personal path has a story. But there are not many stories as powerful and moving as Radhanath Swami's The … [Continue reading]

Spiritualize Your Day

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When we began our study of Bhakti yoga in the early 70s, nearly every aspiring Bhakta lived in one of our spiritual master's ashrams. Living in the ashram was a bit like a spiritual boot camp. We awakened very early (around 3:00 am), showered with … [Continue reading]

Perfect & Complete


“Out of the bosom of the air Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken, Oer the woodlands brown and bare, Over the harvest-fields forsaken, Silent, and soft, and slow descends the snow.” —Henry Wadsworth Longfellow … [Continue reading]

Art of Retreating


During this retreat I would like to go deep into myself, leaving all the different layers behind. I know that deep down in the very bottom of my heart a treasure is waiting for me. I can find it by the process of “spiritual archaeology.” I feel that … [Continue reading]